For years uncounted, I have enjoyed working with my hands and creating one of a kind pieces. I love working with wood, leather, sporting goods, old tools, knives, etc,. I also do professional blade + tool sharpening and restoration. Everything from rusty old tools, pocket knives, and axes, to mower blades, shovels, and kitchen cutlery. I use sanders, grinders, diamond stones, and oil/whetstones. I can cater to whatever your preference is. Ranging from baseball to chalkboard paint and leather items to chessboards, my products can cover just about any interest you could possibly have. I love exceeding customer’s expectations and relish the challenge of a new idea.

This venture has come about as a result of a life-long hobby. My great uncle, “Lee” Grantham, fought and died storming the beaches of Normandy. His name was then passed down, by way of middle name, to my father and middle brother. “Elmer’s” comes from my grandfather’s given first name.

These names, this business, and all that I have are a direct result of them and what they did for me. I take pride in everything I do, regardless, but this even more as a tribute to them.

Best Regards,